Some people recommend running DHB at 200mg/w but I think that’s too low.

I have some tren, Mast, primo (tabs and enanth) tbol, var at my disposal.

Considering this is cycle 4 I was thinking to myself earlier I hope I wasn't going crazy on the dosing. Board Rep.

8 weeks into my cycle of NPP/ Masteron/ Test.

Lean Meat, egg whites ,.

Done test/mast/dhb and test/mast/npp as well all with good results. . #17.


hey y'all. Dec 1, 2022 #3 5scoops Member. Try to find a place that is pretty cool.

Dick working fine. .

600mg Test Cyp, 400mg Masteron, and 400mg Tren E a week for 12 to 15 weeks.


. It was years before I ever touched test/anabolics when I started losing my hair.

My best stack to bulk or cut is Test / Tren / DHB, lean gains, vascularity, Nutrient partitioning, I love it. .

Only ever ran it with test.
I would think 250 of tren would.
If it crashes out of solution, it’s going to crash inside the muscle belly.

MAST + DHB = Primo in aesthetics and strength Minimized Equipoise Anxiety and night sweats (that I normally have on equipoise) Cons.


. Mileage may vary, I can definitely hit 275lb sub 15% bf on that cycle though. This is a pure aesthetics cycle imo.

Just started this. . Dec 23, 2018 · Just finished a couple weeks ago. Dry lips/skin, sore as hell elbows, headaches and low energy. Reactions: NWill135. The rest of it could fall out tomorrow and I wouldn't care at this point.

Dec 5, 2021.

Especially Tren cycles. I’m running it now, started at 500 DHB 200 test 200 mast and will be adding 100 tren e.

Especially Tren cycles.

100mg of DHB is probably worth 4-500mg of Eq, primo, mast in that regard.

Dec 15, 2020 · I only tried mast once at only half the test dose (400 t, 200 m) and didn’t like it.

I guess 600mg of mast would probably be safer.

Especially Tren cycles.