PR09PN seems to offer 40% off, with breakfast, provided the booking starts on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

So technically, if you book under any of those codes you are expected to be able to provide proof of eligibility for said discount if asked.

. Identification Requirements when using a Corporate Code; What other hotel chains offer Corporate Rates? More Great Content for IHG One.



Company. List of IHG Corporate Codes; IHG One Rewards; IHG Brands that Accept Corporate Codes; IHG University Discounts; How to Book with an IHG. Use a client’s corporate code when visiting.

MVP 0560041604.

You need both of these codes in order to make a corporate rate booking. . IHG:.

Hilton Corporate 20% Discount Code “MVP”. .

Hilton Corporate 20% Discount Code “MVP”.

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. InterContinental Resort & Spa Moorea (Image via Flickr by Traveloscopy).

-. Hotels, car rentals, airlines and travel agencies offer corporate rates as a way to attract workforce business — particularly medium-to-large corporations.

There is usually a field called “Corporate Code”, or “Corporate Contract” or “Discount Code”.
The discount offer may vary by location and partnering company.

Jan 1, 2022 · The more convenient way to book the room is using the hotel corporate code and going directly to the hotel website providing the code during the reservation.

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